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Clinical Skills

We aim to provide a wide range of high quality training opportunities and continuous professional development (CPD). These clinical skill development programs are delivered through various range of conference style courses and workshops led by internationally acclaimed experts in their field of expertise. We also aim to deliver high quality training through online teaching modules, webinars and online post-graduate qualifications affiliated from universities. Our team of experts are committed to deliver high quality education to empower individuals to progress in their career and also support them to enter new field of interest with confidence, Our courses and training methods and materials enable them to make a real difference in their practice with newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Courses being developed and to start soon:

Clinical courses

Laparoscopy, Bariatric surgery, Endoscopy, Stroke management and Thrombolysis, Diabetes Management, Osteoporosis Management, Pain Management , Intensive care skills, etc.

Core Skills for health care Professionals

Appraisal, Communication, Culture and Diversity, Patient Safety improvement, Quality Improvement, Audits and Clinical Governance, Research methodology and literature Search, Teaching and training skills, Leadership and management.

Technology courses

Microsoft Excel, Power Point, IT in Medicine.

Our World Class Faculty

Shard is a dynamic life sciences company focussed on improving quality of life for patients and committed towards making the better tomorrow for patients & health care industry. Our mission is to become industry leader in marketing high quality innovative therapeutic products

General Internal Medicine

Prof. Kaushik Chatterjee

Prof. Anand Prakash

Dr. Ravi Modi

Dr. Shaibal Guha

Bariatic and Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sinha

Diabetes and Endocrinology

Dr. Ravi Modi

General Surgery

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sinha

Dr. Manoj Kumar Ram

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar


Dr. Pankaj Kumar Hans

Dr. Jitendra Kumar

Metabolic Bone Disease

Prof. Anand Prakash

Neurology and Stroke Medicine

Prof. Kaushik Chatterjee

Information Technology

Mr. Harsh Madhav